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Our Tents 

We currently have three tent sizes available: a 15ft diameter circular bell tent, a 16.6 diameter circular bell tent, and a 19ft x 13 ft oval bell tent. 


Boho Bell 

This tent is the perfect size for the most intimate of gatherings and is great for a backyard party or small event. 

This tent comfortably holds 6-8 people as a lounge space and sleeps up to 4. 

The measurements: 

172 sq. feet

14.9 ft. diameter/ 5 meters 

Midi Bell

The Midi Bell is our medium sized tent. While this tent may be a bit too big for the average urban backyard it's great for those with a little bit more space. This tent is the ultimate glamping tent with two doors and sides that completely unzip to let air in while keeping bugs out with a screen. This space also works great for a roomy, yet intimate lounging space. This tent comfortably holds 8-10 people as a lounge space and sleeps up to 6.

The measurements: 

210 sq. ft

16. 5 ft. diameter/ 5 meters

MDP_9207 2.JPG

Emperor Bell 

Our largest tent is ideal for most events and celebrations. It can comfortably hold 12-15 people to lounge, and sleeps up to 10. This is perfect for those larger gatherings and can be used for retreats, micro-weddings, and any other sort of party. 

The measurements: 

220 sq. feet

19.8 x 13.1 ft diameter

This tent also has extra head space

Shell Bell

Looking for a little shelter for your gathering? Our shell can be pitched over a table, some rugs, or any thing else to create an open-sided, but sheltered area. 


The measurements:

14.9 ft diameter 

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 1.21.22 PM.png
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